Portable home made welder alternator.

Why build when you can buy?
Choosing the right engine
Choosing an alternator based on your engine
Keeping it ........ Exciting
The sum of all the parts. Hooking it all up.
Balancing it all out
Putting the welder to use
Injury and or death
Credit where credit is due.

Professional home built welder generator for cheap
Completely portable and made with basic tools

This neat setup can be built by any one with a little mechanical and electrical knowledge.  It is also an educational project. 
The alternator can also be easily adapted to make an inexpensive underhood welding machine for Jeeps and farm vehicles.

You don't need to spend $1000+ dollars to have a heavy duty portable ac/dc welder or an underhood welder.   There are several manufacturers out there that would like to convince you otherwise.  With a basic knowledge of tools and minimal equipment and materials you can fabricate yourself a 150 amp welder capable of burning up to 1/8 " electrodes for structures all the way down to 1/16" electrodes for thin body panel and exhaust work.  Best of all it is stand alone and one person portable.....No heavy wiring to install, no gas cylinders, no fuses to blow or breakers to trip.


Another example of how the unit can be configured.  This engine has a built in charging system making it a cinch to excite the alternators field.

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