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Portable home made welder alternator.

Credit where credit is due.

Why build when you can buy?
Choosing the right engine
Choosing an alternator based on your engine
Keeping it ........ Exciting
The sum of all the parts. Hooking it all up.
Balancing it all out
Putting the welder to use
Injury and or death
Credit where credit is due.

There are a few sites that show simular ideas.  I like the rest of these sites give you a piece of information with which you are encoraged to develop your own ideas and machines.  Another source of information I used was a coworker CWO Moore who is one of my mentors.  I chose to listen and be inspired and in turn learn even more.  Working with him I learned that anything can be done and that most of the time seemingly overwhelming jobs were not as hard as imagined.  Once started they wern't that bad and gave a huge sense of accomplisment once finished.  The more work we did together the smarter I got and the more I realized there was to learn.  There are just too many things you can't learn any other way than doing it and then pondering afterwards how it could be done better.   Too bad we only have one life live.  This is why I am passing this information along in an effort to save the next person some time.
Another thing was to keep it simple and build it twice as tough as you would expect good enough. 

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