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Portable home made welder alternator.

Choosing the right engine

Why build when you can buy?
Choosing the right engine
Choosing an alternator based on your engine
Keeping it ........ Exciting
The sum of all the parts. Hooking it all up.
Balancing it all out
Putting the welder to use
Injury and or death
Credit where credit is due.

Choosing the right engine is important.  Depending on the thickness of metal and size of electrodes you intend on using.  A 12 horse is capable of running 1/8 inch rods that fill thick metal pieces quick, but can be cost prohibitive for some.  A 9 hp will run 3/32 inch and a 5 horse will burn 1/16th all day long.  It all depends on what you intend on using the machine for.



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