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Portable home made welder alternator.

Injury and or death

Why build when you can buy?
Choosing the right engine
Choosing an alternator based on your engine
Keeping it ........ Exciting
The sum of all the parts. Hooking it all up.
Balancing it all out
Putting the welder to use
Injury and or death
Credit where credit is due.

Yes, this like many other machines should be kept out of the reach of persons not in the complete understanding that it can and will if improperly or unsafely used kill, cripple, blind, injur, etc. you and anyone around you.  It is a welder.  It produces high voltages capable of shocking and burning.  The light emitted is extremely intense and will damage your eyes, those who work around it, and the spectators that are attracted to the bright light.  Get completely educated on the risks before you do anything in this website.  A good place to start is the Miller Welding Website.  This Site was not intended for idiots and I hope for safety's sake idiots don't attempt to build these machines as they are not idiot proof. 










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